About Flour Child Bakery

Flour Child Bakery is committed to offering delicious baked goods made in the great European tradition – always fresh and always from scratch, and made from fresh ingredients.

My Story

Flour Child Bakery opened its first kitchen in Burlington, Ontario in 2017 after acquiring the assets of Sylvia’s Bakery. We continued their tradition of selling at local farmers’ markets. In early 2020, my dream came true with the opening of our first storefront location on Plains Road in Aldershot.

As a small child, I knew that I was truly happy when I was in the kitchen baking with my mother. I remember watching her make shortbread, and as I got older I was allowed to bake with her. My mom made great pastries and no one made a better pie crust. Fortunately, mom was also a great teacher and pretty soon I was making the best pie crust too! ~ Maria

 Aldershot location

Aldershot Village is the perfect location for our first “bricks and mortar” location for Flour Child Bakery. Our success in market stalls across Southern Ontario encouraged us to create a permanent home for our creations. Conveniently located on Plains Road East in the heart of Aldershot, we are only minutes away from both Burlington and Hamilton. And if you’re planning to visit the Royal Botanical Gardens, make Flour Child a tasty part of your visit.

Giving Back

At Flour Child Bakery, we believe that together we can make a difference. Every week we donate an average of 500lbs to the Burlington Food Bank.

The Burlington Food Bank served over 7,500 people from its Plains Rd East location in 2018, up 13.5% from 2017.

36% of those we served were children.

Help us make a difference!


Baking is an art, a craft, and a science. Think you have what it takes to become a serious baker? Our growing company means we regularly have openings for both entry level and skilled positions. Check out our current postings here.


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