We only use fresh ingredients

We never use frozen or prepared ingredients. We crack every egg, we always use real butter in our croissants, and we are happy to tell our customers the ingredients of all our products, because we can.

We will never supplement our product line

Every item that we sell has been made fresh by us in our Burlington Bakery. We will never purchase prepared products and sell them to you at a markup.

Trust, Honesty & Respect

We believe that for any relationship to work, three values must be present: Trust, Honesty and Respect. All three have to exist in concert. It is important to earn each of these from our customers in order to be a success.

Our promise to all of my customers

"You can always count on our honesty. We are trustworthy and you have our complete respect."
~ Maria

Giving Back

At Flour Child Bakery, we believe that together we can make a difference. Every week we donate an average of 100lbs to the Burlington Food Bank.

The Burlington Food Bank served over 7,500 people from its Plains Rd East location in 2018, up 13.5% from 2017.

36% of those we served were children.

Help us make a difference!

History of Flour Child Bakery

Flour Child Bakery was formed in 2017 and acquired the assets of Sylvia’s Bakery & Café in early 2018.

Sylvia’s Bakery was started by Peter Repka in the late 1980’s, and began as a storefront café serving coffee and sweets. For the past 10-years, Sylvia’s Bakery has been operating from Burlington, Ontario, serving a loyal customer following in the Niagara and Halton regions through various Farmers’ markets. Today, Flour Child Bakery continues to operate from Burlington to serve an expanding client base.

A little bit about Maria

I only knew that I was truly happy when I was in the kitchen cooking, or even better, baking. I remember being a small child watching my mother make shortbread. As I got older I was allowed to start baking with her. My mom made some great pastries and no one made a better pie crust than her! This is where my love of baking came from. My mom was also a great teacher and pretty soon I was making the best pie crust too!

I am an accountant, and before owning the bakery, I thought I was happy. It was not until I worked with Peter in the bakery that I knew that I was finally happy in my career. I found home!

Why I chose Sylvia’s Bakery

Purchasing Sylvia’s Bakery was an easy decision. Simply put, the products are great. Peter has been baking delicious treats using recipes from his Eastern European background for years. He has loyal customers that understand the value of quality products and how difficult it has become to find them. These are not baked goods you can buy from your local grocery store. Most importantly, this is a “from scratch” bakery. In discussions with one of my vendors for ingredients he told me that we are one of a few remaining bakeries that still cracks our own eggs.

“From scratch” really matters to me. It represents the value, art, and quality of baking.